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Musing: august daybook

August 30, 2010

On Sunday, August 29, 2010
Outside my window…Oleander blossoms, prickly pear fruit clusters, palm trees shedding skin and branches into the street, clouds mustering forces into thunderhead battalions, a punishing sun.   With sights like these, I’m certainly not in Kansas (make that Pittsburgh) anymore.

I am thinking…About the shelf life of the thirty pickling cucumbers I deserted in my fridge five days ago.  They were meant to be converted into lacto-fermented pickles.  But they were last on the pre-vacation to-do list.  Dead last.  Now I fear they may just be dead.  Perhaps they can now be converted into compost?

I am thankful for…Quiet coming from Little Friend’s room (nap, oh blissful nap).  Quiet muting the to-do list gleefully abandoned while we’re on vacation.  Quiet squeezed between the bread and the wine this morning.

From the kitchen…Lingering scent-tentacles from yesterday’s dinner of mesquite smoked pulled pork.  It’s quite possible the whole neighborhood is still enjoying a nose-feast from the belching, squat smoker in the back yard.

I am wearing…A favorite sun dress.  Nice and airy for the 100 degree heat.  (“It’s a dry heat,” everyone assures me.  All the same, it’s H-O-T!)

I am creating…Memories with our Chosen Family: NanaNancy and PapaLarry.  Memories for Little Friend of jumping off diving boards, licking Cold Stone Creamery blueberry ice cream, avoiding hot car seat buckles, and scattering Legos around the living room.  Memories for my own personal photo album to tuck alongside my childhood snapshots of hot sidewalks, brittle grass, and dry wind.

I am going…Running.  No choice here if I want to have a hope of finishing the Philly Half Marathon come September 19.  My training guide says run 3 to 4 miles.  Any guesses on which option I’ll take?

I am reading…The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon.  Even with comic books as the main focus of this Pulitzer prize winning novel, Chabon elevates the subject matter to a fine art.  The book could also double as an SAT vocabulary study guide.

I am hoping…If I linger long enough writing, I’ll have an excuse to avoid that dreaded aforementioned run.

I am hearing…Big Friend and Papa Larry indulging in a ham radio tutorial: “Through GPS positioning it will send out packet bursts every couple of minutes using a dedicated frequency so you can’t hide from your wife” (or something like that).  NanaNancy pops a soda can with a liberating hiss in the kitchen.  Little Friend is…quiet.

Around the house…The air conditioning is mounting a valiant attack on the heat.

One of my favorite things…Chosen Family! Webster’s Unauthorized Definition of Chosen Family (proper noun): Those people who bless our lives and may not be related by blood but who are certainly related by heart.

A few plans for the rest of the week… 1.  Daily swim sessions in the pool located seven steps from the back door  2.  Devouring more authentic Mexican food to make up for the anemic Taco Bell offerings I have to accept at home  3. Steeling myself for a 5:30 am departure home on Tuesday (sleepless toddler+full plane=potential for disaster)

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

Through the fish tank

My thanks go out to The Simple Woman’s Daybook for insipiring today’s journal.

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  1. Melissa permalink
    August 30, 2010 1:34 am

    Beth, yet another excellent blog… and not just because it was probably written from my parents basement 🙂 I miss home quite a lot sometimes, but knowing my parents have good company make it that much easier. Soak up the sun, best done from inside the aforementioned swimming pool, and gobble up the mexican food, and the laughter, hugs and silence! I miss you guys very much! It’s been great to see your smiling face on Skype and I hope you’ve thoroughly enjoyed your vacation! Oh yes, and good luck on the flight home 😦

  2. Megan permalink
    August 30, 2010 2:07 pm

    OK, Beth, I hope that Taco Bell isn’t your ONLY option for Mexican in Pittsburgh. While it might not be authentic, we have so many possibilities on McKnight alone (we just had this conversation the other day) – Mad Mex, El Campesino (MY fave), Emiliano’s, Chipotle, Qdoba, and I’m probably missing one or two. And let’s not forget the recipe for enchilada filling which I think came from the Taylors! (We made the recipe just last week for dinner w/ friends – everyone was impressed and you and I know just how easy it is.)

  3. August 30, 2010 2:22 pm

    I am transported back in time and space as I remember so many Arizona days full of your explorations, smiles, and laughter. I love Arizona–it has a magic all its own and a big part of me will always belong to it. You have recaptured the days so well–hugs to Nancy and Larry, you, LF & James. And it is hard to appreciate how different authentic Mexican food is from our Americanized versions, until you have eaten it in Mexico’s backyard.

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