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tea for two (or two for tea)

January 12, 2011

Green Toy's Tea Set

“Pass the sugar please,” said Dixon the Bear to Francis the Pig.

“Don’t mind if I do,” replied Francis in his most jovial porcine manner.

“More tea for me,” squeaked Elmo.

What little girl’s childhood is complete without  a toy tea set and honored guests to thereby serve?  Little Friend lucked out this past birthday/Christmas season by receiving not one but two perfectly adorable, perfectly girlish tea sets.  Since then, her entertaining card has been full.  Most recently, the Holy Family has been frequent guests at the tea table: Baby “Dee-dus”, His Mommy, and His Daddy.  Every so often the rogue shepherd or star gets offered a nibble.  I think you could say something of the true spirit of Christmas got through to this toddler.

Green Toy's Tea Set

Since Little Friend is now a girl with tea time options, let’s begin with her favorite “every day” tea set.  Offered by one of my hands-down favorite brands of eco-friendly children’s toys, this Green Toys Tea Set is perfectly sized, cleverly designed, and sturdily constructed.  Made primarily from recycled milk jugs, the tea set is BPA free and still dishwasher safe.  (A good thing in my house;  Dixon the Bear tends to be a messy eater.)  After slogging my way through the overburdened aisles of Toy’s R’ Us this past holiday season, I’m 1) refreshed to find a tea set color palate that offers unique alternatives to hot pink and 2) amazed to find high quality, kid-durable plastics at an affordable price.  Thank you, Green Toys for creating the perfect “every day” tea set.  May you always grace the table at our tea parties!

The Royal Albert Le Petit Child's Tea Set

Every so often, Little Friend finds herself hostess to very special people.  Like her Grammy.  Such special occasions call for such delicacies as fudge (rather than crackers) and apple juice (rather than water).  And of course, special occasions with special people demand a very special tea set. The Royal Albert Old Country Roses Le Petit tea set is just the thing.  Of course, I’m not living vicariously or anything, but it’s every girl’s dream to serve fudge on fine bone china with lavish 22 carat gold trimmings.  Can childhood be complete before presiding over a table set with Royal Albert’s finest?  I anticipate that the years ahead will bring dinging, dulling, and perhaps even chipping to the lovely Le Petit tea set, but each scratch and chip will be the result of a tea served with love.

And now I’ll have to excuse myself to the kitchen.  A heavy snow is falling, Baby Alex has come for afternoon tea, and I’ve been asked to serve hot chocolate promptly at the end of nap time…

If tea isn’t your (pardon the pun) cup of tea, check out Green Toy’s other great toy and dinnerware products.  We have recently ordered and been impressed with their Child’s Dish Set.  As for the Royal Albert…just go ahead and invite the Queen Mum over for a spot of tea.  Yeah.  It’s that fine.

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  1. January 12, 2011 3:30 pm

    I like to hear about BPA free toys! I will check out Green Toy’s website 🙂

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