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the cribsie awards kick butt

January 15, 2011

“You kicked my butt” are quite possibly the sweetest words a competitive person can hear.  I’m still riding a pretty sweet wave.  Big Friend conceded running defeat to me this morning after braving the wind-chill-in-the-teens weather for an early morning run.  His first run in a while.  Coming from the man who could run three impressive miles at an easy eight-minute-per clip, I take my victories when I can get them.  “3.1 in 34:00,” I chirped back at him as I tripped lightly downstairs on victory-winged heels.  My own run from a rather frigid 5K a week ago is certainly not setting any land speed records.  But I achieved one thing: I kicked Big Friend’s butt.

Everyone loves a little victory now and then, which is why I’m so thrilled to spread the word about The Cribsies, a new hot list for moms listing all the greatest products, brands, services, and websites for babies and tots.  The best thing about The Cribsies?  It’s an award list being compiled and nominated by real moms, with real opinions, right now.  And you can grab a little soap box for yourself to rave about your mom favorites.  You know the ones–the things the other moms in play group zero in on in under .5 seconds and barrage you with questions about where you got that and how can they get their hands on one?  Go on.  Nominate.

The simple part of The Cribsies process is filling out the nomination form.  The hard part?  Narrowing your favorites to just three.  If you need inspiration, click on over to the “Kids” page of Belle Squeaks and borrow one of the dozen favorites I’ve listed from the past year of product reviews.  Or, heck, nominate Belle Squeaks while you’re at it.

In any case, I think today is a fine day to pass on a pat on the back to well-deserving people who kick butt with the products you love.  Even the gloating, well-deserving people.

After nominations are complete in mid-February, The Cribsie Awards will narrow the field to finalists.  Visit again to vote for your favorites or pick up great ideas to share at your next play group.  Consider The Cribsies your opportunity to grab a mom megaphone and hold the world’s attention for just a quick second.  The Cribsie Awards are hosted by Stroller Traffic and A-List Mom.

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  1. January 15, 2011 1:33 pm

    I just voted!!! What do you mean, “For who?” BELLE SQUEAKS OF COURSE! : )

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