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meal plan (asparagus, berries, chard)

June 13, 2011

Asparagus.  Berries. Chard.  We’re practicing early summer ABCs around our house.  We try to eat locally and seasonally as much as possible, so aside from the occasional impulsive purchase of Sam’s Club raspberries in mid-February, our palates and bellies wait eagerly for the first green shoots to arrive come June.

When it comes to summertime meal planning, though, I admit I’m a bit rusty.

Why else would I plan for lentil stew on a 93-degree May day?

Why else would I forget what goes in our favorite hamburger patty mix?

Why else would I get as giddy as a school girl when I see “asparagus” and “strawberries” featured on five out of seven days?

This week, I’m flexing my rusty meal-planning joints and embracing summer’s bounty with arms (and mouth) wide open.


Cloud Cakes with fresh strawberries and mangoes

True to their name, these pancakes are as fluffy as clouds and as quick to melt on the tongue as a summer rain.  Plus, they make for a great kitchen adventure when little hands are around to help.


Roasted Garlic Sicilian Hamburgers with roasted asparagus

I’m willing to sacrifice a little heat-discomfort in the kitchen to roast the garlic cloves called for in this incomparably delicious and juicy hamburger.


Pulled Pork sandwiches and sweet potato fries with a baby greens salad

Is there a time of year when your slow cooker goes dormant?  I have a year-round work horse in my kitchen, and I welcome its ability to prepare my meal without adding a degree of heat to my house.


Tacos Carnitas with steamed asparagus and butter

The companion recipe to our pulled pork sandwiches, this delicious and easy pulled pork tacos recipe (with homemade guacamole and pico di gallo) has become a star in our monthly meal rotation.


Leftovers with goat cheese and asparagus salad

If I eat this salad on my back deck with candles lit and soft music playing and a condensation-kissed glass of white wine, I can almost imagine myself in France.


Roasted Asparagus Lasagna and Strawberry Mint Sorbet

This strawberry mint sorbet tastes as decadent as it’s not.  Really.  It’s sinfully healthy for you and refreshing to boot!


Beef Kebabs with Peanut Dipping Sauce and sautéed swiss chard

I’m always up for turning cooking duty over to the grill (and Big Friend’s expert hand).  This is the perfect meal for a Sunday meal, since we can fill our grill-wait time with water games or weeding the garden.  Oh, and a margarita.  And why stop before a mojito?   Ah, summer.

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  1. June 16, 2011 1:23 pm

    So, who needs a cookbook?!! My collection from your wonderful selections is growing and better than anything I can buy. Thanks!

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