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favorite things – march

March 21, 2012

If a pharmaceutical company found a way to synthetically reproduce whatever cocktail of hormones sparks the pregnancy nesting urge, I’d be one year-round happy, productive woman.  And I’d have one exhausted Big Friend on my hands.  I’ve lost track of where the “brain off” switch is, and we’re humming away like whirling dervishes around here painting rooms, rearranging pictures, optimizing space, creating solace, planning big.  And there’s something about this need to get-it-all-done-before-the-baby-cyclone hits in May that has driven me to stumble across some lovely favorite finds that I just have to share with you today.

Two of my favorite things

(Of course, looking over this list, you’ll wonder how anyone ever found anything of note prior to Etsy and Pinterest. I wonder, too.  Because I just can’t get enough of these sites.)

By the way, if you see the UPS man lurking in my bushes, everything’s a-ok.  He’s probably just avoiding me, because I want to give that man a big, squeezy, nesting hug each and every time he walks up my steps with a package.  I love favorite things.

March Favorites

This canvas Easter Basket (can be customized with color and initial)

These Easter eggs (a crunchy mama’s replacement for the plastic doohickeys)

This quote

These French sneakers (swoon)

This flag bunting for party or room decor or both

This Pittsburgh print (other cities offered as well)

This book

This decadent cookie recipe

This artwork for nursery or home

And more artwork for nursery or home (how will I ever choose?)

This baby hat (it’s coming home from the hospital with us, with baby inside)

This birth announcement

This red-and-white nursery

This little girl’s dress

This Easter garland

These tempered glass plates for baby and toddler (not a single plastic chemical in sight!)

These mason jar planters for herbs in the kitchen

This home/life organizer

This kid

Oh, and this kid, too.

Have you got any favorite things to recommend while I’ve still got my UPS man at my beck and call?

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  1. March 21, 2012 8:33 pm

    Hi Beth – thanks so much for the mention! Good luck with all your prep – it sounds like I could use some of your energy to get ready for summer art show season. I had fun looking through your some of your favorites!

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