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Truth be told, cooking’s okay.  But eating?  Well, frankly, I LOVE to eat.  Given my choice, I’d be one of those Hollywood A-Listers who has a personal chef at her disposal for daily meal concoction.  Then I’d lounge back and devote some serious time to stuffing my face.  Grapes and palm-frond fans, anyone?

Lacking the personal chef and free time to devote to grape plucking, I’m willing to tie on the apron and grab a spatula.  Food is a hobby for me, filling what little free time I can eek out of a day.

Recently, my hobby has gone in new and exciting directions.  I’ve tossed out the margarine from my fridge.  I’ve adopted butter.  Welcomed it with open arms, even.  I’ve eschewed organic milk for raw, locally sourced milk.  Yes.  The kind where three inches of cream soak to the top of the gallon.  I’m waiting for my order of lard to arrive from freshly butchered pastured pork later this fall.  In short, I’ve tossed out modern cooking wisdom (low-fat, low-cholesterol, preferred-organic) and turned back the clock to my great-grandmother’s heyday in the kitchen.  I’m embracing Real Food cooked with real methods with real health (not to mention taste) results.

Here are some family favorite recipes from Belle Squeaks followed by some links of fabulous food sites that inspire me to a full-tilt kitchen frenzy.

Belle Squeaks’ Food Posts

real food journey: part one

real food journey: part two


blueberry pie

molten chocolate lava cakes

homemade baby food

rhubarb pie

roasted asparagus

cinnamon bread

lake pointe gold granola

baked blueberry oatmeal

Menu Plan (with links) – October

Menu Plan (with links) – January

Menu Plan (with links) – April

Mouthwatering Culinary Sites

Smitten Kitchen

Nourished Kitchen

Kelly the Kitchen Kop

101 Cookbooks

Grey Umbrella

Cocoa and Lavender

Weston A. Price

Local Harvest

Slow Food

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