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I speak in simple sentences.  I rejoice when a little mouth strings together two syllables.  Compound words.  Whole sentences.  An entire story (told in simple sentences).  My thoughts, however, race and pace inside my head waiting to be released down the runway of my tongue.  Thank goodness for the written word and the moments in my life when I get to spill thought onto paper.  Here are some of deepest thoughts, composed in complex sentences, from the past year.

an “A” is not enough

picking one’s nose in public or, How I Helped My Daughter Win Gold in the Olympics

i love potty training – Where I make the most of a *ahem* poopy situation.

i love this kid – A mother’s allowed to brag every now and then, especially in a letter to a beloved one.

kiss and tell – A Peter Pan innocence raps along with Nelly–They grow up so quickly, don’t they?

pre- A glimpse of my personal journey through preeclampsia and a premature birth.

traveling with toddlers – Ten travel tips (and a packing list spreadsheet) to ease your way through plane travel with youngsters.

stay at home, mom.  stay. – The good, the bad, and the ugly of being a stay-at-home mom.

clouds clapping – An ode to Little Friend and her summer delights.

commencement – What I would have said in my commencement speech, were I delivering it to a graduating class of 2010.

to endure (verb) – A look on the grit and determination it sometimes takes to get through the more trying (aka sleepless) moments in life.

country girl in a city life – Some thoughts on garden dirt and city sidewalks and how the two extremes somehow harmonize in my life.

dust go to sleep – Or, “Why I Make My Own Household Cleaners” and recipes so you can do the same.

grandmama’s kitchen – On the family legacy of food, especially a favorite cinnamon bread recipe from my grandmother.

13. 1 miles to go before I sleep – A decent overview of why I love/hate running and how I managed to commit myself to running a half marathon in September.

To begin – Here it is.  My very first post.  In the infancy of Belle Squeaks.  (Yikes!  I was sleep deprived then!)

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